ART 01

ALTO’s philosophy: a radical approach. It is within this vision that ART 01 was conceived from the outset as a single-block piece. The sapphire crystal appears to be sculpted into the case.

Conceived from the outset as a single-block piece with a glass casing, the sharp and taut lines initiated by the bevelled sapphire seamlessly extend through the case, rendering it both present and absent from the ensemble. More than 300 hours of design work went into perfecting this unique sapphire crystal.

The result looks and feels like a 17-degree chamfer at the top. The inside of the sapphire crystal is hemispherically hollowed out, adding a further design challenge, while maintaining water resistance and finesse.

The brand’s own commitment to a radical design philosophy is fully honoured.


First visual contact with the ART 01 model, the sapphire crystal is absolutely unique.

It has a combination of three distinctive features: its outer surface is domed; it has two 17-degree lateral bevels; and its inner surface is hemispherical. These three features combined have never before been achieved in the history of watchmaking.

More than 300 hours of work were required to perfect this sapphire and preserve its water resistance and finesse.


Continuing the lines imposed by sapphire, the ART-01 has a case with a unique shape and proportions. Grade 5 titanium was the obvious choice. A material that offers both strength and lightness.

With its distinctive shape, its rough bevelling and its finesse, this case is the result of 2 years of development. Over 20 machining steps were required to produce it.

The brushed, satin, and polished finishes are entirely hand-crafted.


The ART-01’s lamé dial is also made of grade 5 titanium.

Its architecture has been specially designed in close conjunction with the sapphire crystal to maximise the potential for light to enter the piece. A constant dialogue is established between the light and the object. Light becomes pure information. It completes the form because it both precedes and conditions it. The design team’s empirical approach is the ultimate tribute to the major Greek arts of sculpture and architecture. The object lives through light.

Form, ergonomics, finesse. Three words associated with the design of the ART-01 that have led to its unique stylistic signature.


Radicality, again and again.

The ART 01 has its own movement manufacture, a micro-rotor self-winding calibre with "anti-clockwise" hours, minutes, and seconds functions.

The A01 calibre was conceived by the designer Barth Nussbaumer and entirely developed by the Cercle des Horlogers manufacture in Neuchâtel. Visible through the caseback, this movement is only 4.04 mm thick and boasts a singular architecture.

It features sharp angles and prominent lines in keeping with the brand’s stylistic codes.

The plate is made of microblasted grade 5 titanium to meet the highest standards of resistance.