You have to go back to childhood to understand what motivated Thibaud Guittard for this project. With drawing as his favourite means of expression, his fascination with the shape and design of objects stimulated his imagination. Later, after studying business and marketing, it was his love of beautiful products that led him to his first job at Audemars Piguet, as marketing manager for the French market.

The influence of industrial design visionaries such as Giorgetto Giugiaro and Luca Bassani, combined with a fascination for the aspirational works of Olafur Eliasson, the musical universe of Daft Punk, and the cinema of Christopher Nolan, led to the maturing of an intuition, and then a certainty. Art in all its forms offers a unique perspective on time. Artists and their works wield significant influence over our perception of it.

Driven by deep-rooted passions for technology, industrial design and all forms of art, the first watch he envisioned was actually for himself.

“I was looking for a watch that was a complete departure in style, with a strong emotional appeal. With both a high-performance, fine-watchmaking movement, absolute comfort when worn, and a totally radical design.” 

Fruit of his myriad aspirations, Thibaud gathered his ideas, mood boards, and sketches over months. Taut, elusive lines were born on paper, while a clear brand universe came to life.

For two years, no designer or watchmaker could rise to the challenge of making these first sketches viable. “My ideas were too extreme. I went from failure to failure trying to bring this model to life. Then one day, with my back against the wall, someone whispered to me: if there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s Barth”. This decisive encounter with watch designer Barth Nussbaumer led to a friendship and the birth of ART 01.

“Such a radical design requires many hours of technical work. ART01 is an insanely complex project. ” Barth


An artistic experience created on the wrist.

ALTO delves into the universal theme of time through art in all its forms, offering a unique and singular perspective. ART01 is more than an accessory; it’s a symbol embodying the artistic expression of time.

ALTO is a creative journey through time. An ambitious project to merge art and watchmaking.

ALTO brings together artists from a wide range of backgrounds to explore the theme of time through different projects.